Being harsh on yourself

Make a mistake and I tend to replay it over and over in my head, nick picking on any stupid actions and words I did and said. I guess it could be something that everyone does. Anyhow, it’s really difficult to get over it and learn to forgive myself for it sometimes.

I don’t have the perfect technique at the moment on how to resolve this issue, but so far there are some methods, or rather acknowledgments that help me deal with this problem.

1) Time will dilute and heal everything.

2) People are innately a little more self centered or in another words, more aware of what they themselves are doing rather than what others are doing. Therefore, they probably already forget what you said or did. Most likely you are the only one harping on the silly thing that you did.

3) You are not alone. This may sound a little sadist but do a little search through the net when you have this problem and you will get tons of discussions/ forums of people talking about the silly things they did. In the end, some kind soul out there will just advise you to laugh it off and move on.

So…I guess I’m waiting for time to pass – because I said something silly today (or I myself deduced it was silly). Nothing too particularly bad as I did receive some very good news afters so I guess I wasn’t that silly.

Still, it will take some time to shrug off the embarrassment of it. After all, I’m only human.



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Disappearing Act


Reasons for the lack of posts these past weeks:

1) Stock photos: I have been obsessed with posting photos on this website called Foap. It’s set up by a Swedish company and it is a Iphone stock photography website where users can take and upload photos using their Iphones and earn 5 bucks when someone buys your photos. They also have a referral program. Additive stuff..and I sold one photo! You should try.

Note: No phone application for Andriod phones though at the moment. But most probably soon…

2) Job searching: It’s been a painful process searching for a job, especially when you are looking for a career change. I left my high stress job late last year due to my health and its the best decision I have ever made – health over wealth! Anyhow, wish me luck..=D

3) Hobbies/ interest/ travel: I did not realize the importance of finding what you really love OUTSIDE of your work until I quit my job. Sometimes I feel like the last few years have been a blur to me. I know work consumed me over the years and surprising, I realize now that the accomplishments at work do not fill up the void in the lack of accomplishments outside of work. Hobbies, interest and your travels really do define a big part of you and this is what I should work on. I hope I am not too late!

4) Minor depression: This is no surprise as I have moments in my life when I feel like nothing is right. This is partly due to my hormone imbalance I think. However, exercise helps and I will continue to fight it. There are many things that I can be grateful for in my life. I just need to convince myself and see it! Go watch the TED series talks too, especially on Amy Purdy – the post I just published. Its so inspirational and mind boggling. =)

Anyway, just wanted to share what I have been up to. Hope all is well on your end!

R – Happylovejoy

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Amy Purdy – Living beyond limits

Has any of you watched the TED talks? You should. They are AMAZING.

TED talks features speeches done by people from all walks of life and covering a wide range of topics – from the latest technology, entertainment to inspiring stories such as Amy Purdy’s.

Amy was only 19 when she contracted meningitis which resulted in the lost of both her kidneys, both legs below the knees, her spleen, and part of her hearing. At that time, she was just starting out her own life – earning her own income and moved to a place where she could do her favourite thing – snowboard. However, the disease caught her by surprise and she suddenly had to stop everything that she was doing.

Despite all odds, she later become a world snowboard champion, having won three World Cup gold medals in adaptive snowboarding. She also co-found a non-profit organization, Adaptive Action Sports. The NGO is catered for individuals with physical disabilities who want to get involved in action sports.

Watch this video Ted Talks – Amy Purdy on her emotional (and funny!) journey to overcome her life’s challenges.

Snowboarder, inspiration!

Snowboarder, inspiration!

Amy Purdy

“……Instead of looking at our challenges and limitations as somthing negative or bad, we can begin to look at them as blessings, magnificent gifts that can be used to ignite our imaginations and to go further than we could go. Its not about breaking down borders,its about pushing off of them and seeing what amazing places it might bring us.”

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Weekly photo challenge: lunchtime

My balsamic vinegar and olive oil bread dip was making a funny face at me during lunchtime…cute and yummy.


My main course on the other hand was much less interesting and the meat was a little dry…bummer!


Hope your lunch was better than mine…;)



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Take a deep breath


Happy days!



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Interesting World – Window of the World theme park, Shenzhen – China

Window of the World - The Lourve

Windows of the world 世界之窗 – Shenzhen, China

This is a theme park showcasing the world’s famous landmarks/features in miniature.

I read a lot of reviews about this place (e.g. tripadviser, before deciding to head over to see for myself. Overall, I thought it was pretty good and I think its a nice place to get lost in when you are traveling alone in a theme park.

The park is huge and some online reviews say that the park is not very well maintained, but I thought that it was clean and quite well kept, considering the land space it takes up (48 hectares (118 acres) – according to Wiki). Some attractions did look like its a little neglected, but I think sometimes being a little run down can help to ‘age’ the displays so it looks a little more like the real thing.

Anyways, just to share with you some of the amazing things I saw!

Familiar ones:

Taj Mahal, India –

Windows of the World - Taj Mahal, India

Angkor Wat, Cambodia –

Windows of the World - Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Sydney Opera House, Sydney Australia –

Windows of the World - Sydney Opera House, Australia

Eiffel Tower, Paris and St Mark’s square, Venice –

Windows of the World - Eiffel tower and St Mark's square

Windmills, Holland –

Windows of the World - Holland

Cologne Cathedral, Germany –

Windows of the World - Cologne Cathedral, Germany

House of parliament, London –

Windows of the World - House of parliament, London

Versailles Palace gardens, France –

Windows of the World - Versailles Palace gardens, France

Pyramids of Giza, Egypt –

Window of the World - Pyramids of Giza, Egypt

Kenyan National Park –

Window of the world - Kenyan National Park

Niagara Falls, Canada, with real mist spraying at you…

Window of the world - Niagara Falls, Canada

The Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial, USA –

Window of the World - The Washington Monument, USA

Statue of Liberty, New York –

Window of the World - Statue of Liberty, New York

Mount Corcovado, Brazil –

Window of the World - Mount Corcovado, Brazil

Grand Canyon, USA –

Window of the World - Grand Canyon, USA

Mount Rushmoore National Memorial, USA –

Window of the World - Mount Rushmoore National Memorial, USA

Notre Dame, France –

Window of the World - Notre Dame, France

European style town –

Window of the World - European style town

Shwedagon Pagoda, Myanmar next to Eiffel tower, Paris…interesting!

Window of the world - Shwedagon Pagoda, Myanmar next to Eiffel tower, Paris

New places I got to know about:

The One Pillar Pagoda, Vietnam –

Window of the World - The One Pillar Pagoda, Vietnam

Persepolis, Iran –

Window of the World -  Persepolis, Iran

Modhere Sacred Well, Modhera, India –

Window of the World - Modhere Sacred Well,  Modhera, India

Wooden churches, Russia –

Window of the World - Wooden churches, Russia

The Tower of Kuwait –

Window of the World - The Tower of Kuwait

Guess which one is the real Triumphal Arch, France?

Triumphal Arch, France


Triumphal Arch, France.

Enjoy! =)



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Just for laughs – Marriage

Before the wedding day (read starting from top to bottom):

Man: This is just great! I have been waiting for this day to arrive!

Woman: Can I back out?

Man: No! Don’t even think about it.

Woman: Do you love me?

Man: Of course!

Woman: Will you betray me?

Man: No, why would you have such thoughts?

Woman: Can you kiss me?

Man: Of course, more than once!

Woman: Will you hit me?

Man: Never.

Woman: Can I trust you?

After marriage… (read starting from bottom to top).




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