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I love collecting happy and inspirational ideas/thinking/ quotes, interesting world knowledge and jokes. A little demographic update – I am female in late 20s..just got married and live in a small city. Hope my posts will expand your mind, inspire you somewhat, or just simply – make you laugh. R – Happylovejoy My blog:

Being harsh on yourself

Make a mistake and I tend to replay it over and over in my head, nick picking on any stupid actions and words I did and said. I guess it could be something that everyone does. Anyhow, it’s really difficult … Continue reading

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Disappearing Act

Reasons for the lack of posts these past weeks: 1) Stock photos: I have been obsessed with posting photos on this website called Foap. It’s set up by a Swedish company and it is a Iphone stock photography website where … Continue reading

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Amy Purdy – Living beyond limits

Has any of you watched the TED talks? You should. They are AMAZING. TED talks features speeches done by people from all walks of life and covering a wide range of topics – from the latest technology, entertainment to inspiring … Continue reading

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Weekly photo challenge: lunchtime

My balsamic vinegar and olive oil bread dip was making a funny face at me during lunchtime…cute and yummy. My main course on the other hand was much less interesting and the meat was a little dry…bummer! Hope your lunch … Continue reading

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Take a deep breath

Happy days! Cheers, Happylovejoy

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Interesting World – Window of the World theme park, Shenzhen – China

Windows of the world 世界之窗 – Shenzhen, China This is a theme park showcasing the world’s famous landmarks/features in miniature. I read a lot of reviews about this place (e.g. tripadviser, before deciding to head over to see for … Continue reading

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Just for laughs – Marriage

Before the wedding day (read starting from top to bottom): Man: This is just great! I have been waiting for this day to arrive! Woman: Can I back out? Man: No! Don’t even think about it. Woman: Do you love … Continue reading

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