Weekly photo challenge: Forward

A city that is moving forward – Shenzhen, China.

City rental bikes:


Designer office buildings:


Clean, efficient train stations:


Lifestyle supermarts:


Cool cafes:


Well maintained streets:




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Being spontaneous


Courage and willingness to just go for it, whether it is a conversation or a spontaneous trip or trying new things that are scary – it is a really attractive quality.- Alanis Morissette’

Beautiful quote isn’t it? =)

Being extra cautious, planning ahead, staying within my boundaries, checking and re- checking stuff are usually my ‘thing’ and to be honest, they are not bad habits to have. At least they keep me out of danger or prevent me from losing my stuff.

But life can get a little boring don’t you think? – When you get too careful, scared or maybe just pure lazy to do something spontaneous and random once in awhile.

So why not challenge yourself today to do something that you don’t normally do and see how alive and excited it can make you feel!

Here are 10 little ideas to get you started:

1) Message a long lost good friend to arrange for a meet up. You can start by searching on FB or any other social network.

2) Google a recipe and cook/bake something – Ok, this is pretty spontaneous for someone who doesn’t cook/bake much (like me).

*Cover photo -My bacon quiche baked last week. First attempt and it was delicious.

3) Go to your favourite/ regular restaurant and order something that you’ve never ordered before.

4) Pick up an old skill – If you use to play a musical instrument but have not touched it for years, go try it again. It’s pretty satisfying knowing that you might still remember a trick or 2.

5) Book a spontaneous holiday.

6) Think of a place that you usually pass by during your daily commute (to work or school) but have never gone there to check it out. It could be a store, park, museum or even a neighbour’s house.

7) Sign up for volunteer work.

8) Go through your old stuff and sell them at a flea market/ online.

9) Buy a magazine you’ve never read before and expose yourself to a new topic. E.g Magazine on wine, interior design, DIY, art and craft, new scientific innovations, travel, shopping!

10) ‘Like’ and comment on my blog…=p

For me, I’m doing number 5. Booked a ticket this afternoon for a flight tomorrow and I’ve never done this before. How exciting!

Do share your ideas if you have any more great suggestions.



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Just for laughs – Chemical element: Women

Sometimes we need to laugh at ourselves and the funny ways we are being described…A little mid week humour for your entertainment…=D




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Weekly photo challenge: Kiss

Bear balloon

A kiss comes in many forms, shapes, sizes and juicy level.

There’s the french kiss, the cheek kiss, the flying kiss and even one called the spiderman kiss – which involves kissing someone whose face is upside down from yours, bottom lip touching the other’s top lip!

A kiss can be a weapon too – for me its when my mom gave me big wet juicy kisses all over my face when I was little just so that I will quickly get away from her and do a chore that she asked. I guess most moms do that.

My current favourite kiss is the one from my little 2 year old nephew, when he is ‘forced’ to kiss me on the cheek first before I give him a piece of chocolate. A little shy wet peck and a quick ‘pretend’ hug before he tries to snatch the chocolate from my hands.

Kisses are so important in our lives that even Wikihow – Kiss in a variety of ways is teaching people how to kiss… I especially like kiss # 15 (Pop Rocks kiss) and do check out the ‘Warning’ section too…Maybe you can learn a thing or two… Enjoy!



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Singing ‘I do’

Valentine's day


I just have to share this video – absolutely love it.

It’s a video of Lea Salonga, a Filipina soprano singer and actress singing ‘ I do’ to her husband Robert on her wedding.

When I stumble upon this video, I told my husband how ‘Disney’ her voice sounds and after a little research, I found out that she’s actually the singing voice of 2 Disney Princesses -Jasmine in Aladdin and Fa Mulan in Mulan.

Sweeeeet! ❤

So far I’ve watched it 3 times… and teared every time…

Enjoy and Happy Valentine’s day in advance! Lea Salonga`s wedding -“Two Words”

R – Happylovejoy

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Weekly photo challenge: Home


My cheeseburger without pickles

When my elder sister and I were little, going to Macs was a regular treat for us after a long day at school.

I remember Mom always returning to our table from the Macs order counter with a tray containing a filo fish burger, a cheeseburger and a small bag of fries.

She would remove the yellow wrapper of the cheeseburger, open the top half of the bun to remove the pickle, carefully smearing as much ketchup stuck on the pickle back onto the burger, then slowly tearing the burger into equal halves (so we won’t have to argue who got the bigger share), before putting the burger into our eager little hands.

I cannot recall the reason why Mom took out the pickles – either she did let us try it once and we spit it out, or it was assumed that little kids would not like most vegetables, let alone the pickled ones.

Anyhow, its a practice that still stayed with me and my sister till this day and it reminds me of home… I might just continue this family ‘ritual’ when I have kids of my own…=P



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New year, new beginnings…

A little flower a day keeps the blues away

What better way to start the new year than to set new goals and resolutions to treat yourself better and be kinder to others. Why not make a little list TODAY and see what you can achieve during this EXCITING year ahead?

Goal setting can give you a sense of new hope and possibilities, be it big or small goals. Of course, it doesnt just stop there. You got to get your butt off the bed and actually start doing something after all that ‘goals writing’. You might just surprise yourself if you set your mind and heart to it.. 😉

Some little goals of mine to share:

– Read the news daily (yes..I need to improve my awareness of this world..also makes great conversation topics with others)

– Be healthier (stress and being female dont mix well together.. so this year’s major focus is HEALTH!)

– Learn something new everyday and pen it in my diary (struggling a little with this one as I don’t always have the time..but Ill get there..)

– Watch less TV (except when the telly has “Once upon a time” and “How I met your mother”)

So..what are your goals for this year?



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