Weekly photo challenge: lunchtime

My balsamic vinegar and olive oil bread dip was making a funny face at me during lunchtime…cute and yummy.


My main course on the other hand was much less interesting and the meat was a little dry…bummer!


Hope your lunch was better than mine…;)




About Happylovejoy

I love collecting happy and inspirational ideas/thinking/ quotes, interesting world knowledge and jokes. A little demographic update – I am female in late 20s..just got married and live in a small city. Hope my posts will expand your mind, inspire you somewhat, or just simply – make you laugh. R – Happylovejoy My blog: https://happylovejoy.wordpress.com/
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2 Responses to Weekly photo challenge: lunchtime

  1. kz says:

    haha loved the funny face ^^

  2. yi-ching lin says:

    this is beautiful – love the oils!

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