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Just for laughs – Marriage

Before the wedding day (read starting from top to bottom): Man: This is just great! I have been waiting for this day to arrive! Woman: Can I back out? Man: No! Don’t even think about it. Woman: Do you love … Continue reading

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Weekly photo challenge: Kiss

A kiss comes in many forms, shapes, sizes and juicy level. There’s the french kiss, the cheek kiss, the flying kiss and even one called the spiderman kiss – which involves kissing someone whose face is upside down from yours, … Continue reading

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Singing ‘I do’

I just have to share this video – absolutely love it. It’s a video of Lea Salonga, a Filipina soprano singer and actress singing ‘ I do’ to her husband Robert on her wedding. When I stumble upon this video, … Continue reading

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New year, new beginnings…

What better way to start the new year than to set new goals and resolutions to treat yourself better and be kinder to others. Why not make a little list TODAY and see what you can achieve during this EXCITING … Continue reading

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