Disappearing Act


Reasons for the lack of posts these past weeks:

1) Stock photos: I have been obsessed with posting photos on this website called Foap. It’s set up by a Swedish company and it is a Iphone stock photography website where users can take and upload photos using their Iphones and earn 5 bucks when someone buys your photos. They also have a referral program. Additive stuff..and I sold one photo! You should try.

Note: No phone application for Andriod phones though at the moment. But most probably soon…

2) Job searching: It’s been a painful process searching for a job, especially when you are looking for a career change. I left my high stress job late last year due to my health and its the best decision I have ever made – health over wealth! Anyhow, wish me luck..=D

3) Hobbies/ interest/ travel: I did not realize the importance of finding what you really love OUTSIDE of your work until I quit my job. Sometimes I feel like the last few years have been a blur to me. I know work consumed me over the years and surprising, I realize now that the accomplishments at work do not fill up the void in the lack of accomplishments outside of work. Hobbies, interest and your travels really do define a big part of you and this is what I should work on. I hope I am not too late!

4) Minor depression: This is no surprise as I have moments in my life when I feel like nothing is right. This is partly due to my hormone imbalance I think. However, exercise helps and I will continue to fight it. There are many things that I can be grateful for in my life. I just need to convince myself and see it! Go watch the TED series talks too, especially on Amy Purdy – the post I just published. Its so inspirational and mind boggling. =)

Anyway, just wanted to share what I have been up to. Hope all is well on your end!

R – Happylovejoy


About Happylovejoy

I love collecting happy and inspirational ideas/thinking/ quotes, interesting world knowledge and jokes. A little demographic update – I am female in late 20s..just got married and live in a small city. Hope my posts will expand your mind, inspire you somewhat, or just simply – make you laugh. R – Happylovejoy My blog: https://happylovejoy.wordpress.com/
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