Being harsh on yourself

Make a mistake and I tend to replay it over and over in my head, nick picking on any stupid actions and words I did and said. I guess it could be something that everyone does. Anyhow, it’s really difficult to get over it and learn to forgive myself for it sometimes.

I don’t have the perfect technique at the moment on how to resolve this issue, but so far there are some methods, or rather acknowledgments that help me deal with this problem.

1) Time will dilute and heal everything.

2) People are innately a little more self centered or in another words, more aware of what they themselves are doing rather than what others are doing. Therefore, they probably already forget what you said or did. Most likely you are the only one harping on the silly thing that you did.

3) You are not alone. This may sound a little sadist but do a little search through the net when you have this problem and you will get tons of discussions/ forums of people talking about the silly things they did. In the end, some kind soul out there will just advise you to laugh it off and move on.

So…I guess I’m waiting for time to pass – because I said something silly today (or I myself deduced it was silly). Nothing too particularly bad as I did receive some very good news afters so I guess I wasn’t that silly.

Still, it will take some time to shrug off the embarrassment of it. After all, I’m only human.




About Happylovejoy

I love collecting happy and inspirational ideas/thinking/ quotes, interesting world knowledge and jokes. A little demographic update – I am female in late 20s..just got married and live in a small city. Hope my posts will expand your mind, inspire you somewhat, or just simply – make you laugh. R – Happylovejoy My blog:
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