Weekly photo challenge: Kiss

Bear balloon

A kiss comes in many forms, shapes, sizes and juicy level.

There’s the french kiss, the cheek kiss, the flying kiss and even one called the spiderman kiss – which involves kissing someone whose face is upside down from yours, bottom lip touching the other’s top lip!

A kiss can be a weapon too – for me its when my mom gave me big wet juicy kisses all over my face when I was little just so that I will quickly get away from her and do a chore that she asked. I guess most moms do that.

My current favourite kiss is the one from my little 2 year old nephew, when he is ‘forced’ to kiss me on the cheek first before I give him a piece of chocolate. A little shy wet peck and a quick ‘pretend’ hug before he tries to snatch the chocolate from my hands.

Kisses are so important in our lives that even Wikihow – Kiss in a variety of ways is teaching people how to kiss… I especially like kiss # 15 (Pop Rocks kiss) and do check out the ‘Warning’ section too…Maybe you can learn a thing or two… Enjoy!




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I love collecting happy and inspirational ideas/thinking/ quotes, interesting world knowledge and jokes. A little demographic update – I am female in late 20s..just got married and live in a small city. Hope my posts will expand your mind, inspire you somewhat, or just simply – make you laugh. R – Happylovejoy My blog: https://happylovejoy.wordpress.com/
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